3 Sounds You Might Want To Try

Sounds have been proven to enable deep work. Whether on speakers or via headphone, they are your personal assistance for focus and clarity. When you tap into the right sound for you, it’s your super-tool to get lots of tasks done, with minimal effort just like HIME.

I work with sounds wither on my speakers or headphones almost on a daily basis as I find them to be an extraordinary super-tool to get lots done with minimal effort.

There are several sounds libraries, such as Focus@will which is suitable for corporates and there is NoisesOnLine which I’d like to highlight today:

I’ve never had a Frogs sound before and wao – I like it !

Noises Online

The CoffeeShop sound is surprisingly loved by many (but not me, it freaks me out)

The Wind Chimes sound is a real “brain massage”, try it

And for each sound you can change the tone and liveness under the control button, to suit your personal preferences


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