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HIME Your Time Training Format

HIME Your Time Training is a 9-hour workshop.

This workshop can be given at your facility in one full-day session, or split into several sessions of 2-3 hours.

It can also be given remotely to your teams all over the world.

One-hour talks are available for companies and conference who seek customized content for their audience and time limits. 

HIME Your Time talks and workshops are super-practical, life-changing experiences that dramatically increase your employees’ productivity, workplace vitality and happiness.

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HIME Your Time Training Content 

This isn’t the same-old jumble of productivity tips. 

This is a holistic approach to life and work that incorporates a total shift in outlook.

Employees who HIME their time:

  • are more efficient, effective, and happy
  • generate more insights and ideas for cutting costs and creating new revenue
  • have a keener focus on the big picture and long-term planning 
  • are more likely to remain at your company


Actionable content includes:

  • The 8 golden rules that make a workday substantially more enjoyable and productive.
  • How to work a calendar wisely and effectively, transforming procrastination into a key productivity tool and making progress on even the most important-not-urgent tasks.
  • How to automate the personal management of the continual stream of data from texts, social media, apps, phone calls, meetings, and other diverse sources of information.
  • Creating a digital workflow custom-tailored to one’s individual needs.
  • How any task can be performed more easily and efficiently when it’s aligned with a person’s HIME.
  • Easily managing an inbox like a productivity ninja.
  • Easily managing the open tabs on a crowded web browser.
  • Getting the most out of web browsers using the latest add-ons and web tools.
  • How to instantly activate the part of the brain that makes us feel more grounded and at peace, and also helps us attain key insights and dream up innovative new ideas.

And the results speak for themselves. 

Download complete training syllabus here:

What Will Your Employees Take Away?

By the end of a full-day training, each participant will have:

  • A personalized and optimized digital workflow with the right web-tools and apps that match their individual needs
  • The time every day to think, process ideas, learn new things and innovate.
  • A professional and personal life that operate in harmony.
  • A thriving work week filled with both accomplishments and peace of mind.


Facilitate your employees’ transformation – and their appreciation.

Bring HIME Your Time Training to your workplace today.

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