Product Review on Skeema – An Advanced Tab Clipper and Bookmarker

After trying out several tab-organizing tools, I have come to appreciate and stick with  Skeema. It acts as a “home base” for browser-based work allowing you to easily aggregate, organize, prioritize, annotate and act on information.

The way I organize my tabs:

  • I PIN my work tabs, the ones I use on an everyday basis + I use a tab suspender so all my work tabs aren’t slowing down my PC
  • All other tabs are open, usually between 3-5 tabs are “work-in-progress” and waiting to be handled.
  • I currently use Skeema to organize and save my private tabs – such as shopping and travel. If you haven’t used a tab organizer yet, I suggest you start small and grow slowly. Make sure you put into use all its different features and only then – add more projects to your workspace in Skeema.

Skeema’s Main Features:

  • Web Clipper – to capture text, and images, bookmark a whole page or parts of it.
  • Notetaking – add remarks to your tabs or clipped items for later use.
  • Wiggle gesture – allows you to clip data at the speed of a mouse wiggle.

Click to watch a full product review but please don’t open so many projects like the guy in the demo did. Rather keep it slim fit for your own sake.

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