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The HIME Your TIME Online Course

This course teaches you how to create simple to sustain digital workflows that enhance our humanity.

The end result? The ability to work with ease and have a (thriving) life.

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Session #1: A World Gone Mad, This is Not the Time Nor the Place
Session #2: Europeans Know Better, Pre-Define Urgency
Session #3: Limiting Yourself to 2 Capturing Tools
Session #4: Prioritizing Like a Ninja Warrior
Session #5: Values and Principals to Put into Daily Practice
Session #6: HIME = How to Work for High Impact with Minimal Effort
Session #7: Calendar Strategy – Implementing the HIME Method Inside Your Digital Calendar
Session #8: Inbox Zero = < 20
Session #9: Web Tools for Efficiently Staying Up-To-Date
Session #10: Folders, Open Tabs and Content Capturing Tools
Session #11: Automations and Desktop Tools
Session #12 Crucial Features in Gmail and Outlook
Session #13 Work-Life Balance – Why Leisure is Essential, Not a Luxury

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