The 12 Forces Working Against Us & Stealing Our Attention

I think this is one of Oprah’s best conversations (and there are many).

Oprah speaks with Johann Hari, the author of “Stolen Focus: Why You Can’t Pay Attention and How to Think Deeply Again”.

Hari explains the technological and social forces working on our society today, preventing us and our children from being able to finish a task. or even finish a sentence without getting our own line of thought to disconnect so often.

I don’t think Johann offers many practical solutions, I honestly think that the HIME Your TIME method has many more solution to offer BUT never-the-less, just by becoming more aware is already half way to solving or overcoming the problem.

So – I enjoyed their talk immensely and I hope you will too.


These episodes were recommended to me by Katie Stephen, one of HIME Your TIME graduates, this is my opportunity to thank her for her wise and elegant choices.

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