Cesar Bendeck

César Bendeck

Chief Executive Officer @ Applaudo Studios

I am pleased to endorse Bat Hen and “Hime Your Time” training.

Applaudo is a better workplace, our leadership is more productive all because of her.

The team is feeling amazing; the workshop was a game changer; I have seen significant progress within the team, more engagement, follow-up, and more things getting done. 

Overall, we have a new mindset: A more holistic and human vision about managing our time, achieving not just a balance in work but also in our personal life.

Jason Campbell

Global Partnerships @ MindValley

Working with Bat Hen has been an absolute blessing! It’s great to see someone who knows the available tools, understands my unique working preferences and supported me in getting absolutely on top of my tasks. With all her workflow insights, meshed with the discovery of new tools, my inbox is clear and my stress is at an all time low. This has eliminated hours of waste which I get to apply to more high impact tasks with minimal effort.

Amir Aharon

Head of EMEA Talent Dev @ PayPal

Working with Bat Hen on the workshop was very professional, with high attention to details and very easy to work with.

I found the workshop innovative and up to date with all the technology and working culture we experience today, and highly practical for our teams.

Einat Bar

 VP Global HR @ SafeCharge


I found the workshop refreshing and motivating. There were many elements and tools that our employees recognized that they can made better, both for work and for home. I think everyone can take away some good action plans! So thank you Bat Hen for practical and informative session.

Elinor Cohen

The Social Fairy

I attended Bat Hen’s workshop in January 2018, and it changed my life. I was a hectic, multitasking, overwhelmed, stressed out woman who let work, clients, and general chaos take over. I thought there was no way out. Here are just a few of my results since the workshop: I read a whole book in one week. I wrote several new articles, one of which has gone over the moon viral (because I wrote with passion, inspiration, and without stress!). I reorganized my work day and work week so I can take breaks outside, have coffee with my partner, or just stare out the window. I sleep better because my phone is no longer the center of my existence. Shall I go on, or do you get the picture? Imagine all your employees working better, getting more done, and feeling happier! Employer branding? Check! Productivity? Double check! Employee retention? Triple check! Worth every single penny! Seriously, don’t even think twice; just talk to Bat Hen.

Rafi Kretchmer

Head of Product Marketing for Check Point Software Technologies

The best two days you’ll ever invest in improving your daily productivity. The workshop is very methodological, providing practical advice you can rapidly implement. The results are stunning! I am more efficient, much more organized, my stress levels are down, and my focus and productivity levels are up. I entered the workshop with 371 emails in my inbox and dozens of sticky notes, notebooks, to-do lists etc. Now I don’t leave home with more than 20 emails in my inbox.

Miriam Gubovicova

Head of Author Relations at Mindvalley

Wearing multiple hats in my job can very quickly become overwhelming. Working one-on-one with Bat Hen helped me master my management skills through the use of different tools & simplification. I’ve seen a massive decrease in my stress levels, which reflected in more time to myself and for my social activities.

Kira Tchernikovsky

Integrated Marketing Communications Manager at HSBC

This is an Innovative workshop touching on both professional and human values. It will equip our marketing staff with effective tools for processes and team management on a personalized basis. I enjoyed this very much.

Nili Goldberg

Owner of Growthanomic

An amazing experience; totally spot on. Got my productivity level up in just a day. Can’t wait for the next session.

Ruth Bridger​

Marketing Director at Alango Technologies

Bat Hen, you proved to me that it’s worthwhile to get out of the busy office in order to gain insights at your seminars! I’ve shared these with our Sales personnel, and they are very appreciative. I’ll be gradually introducing all of your recommendations..

Vardi Nir​

CTO at Plasgad

Great training! You gave me creative and consistent solutions to lower the workload off my shoulders. I’ll recommend it to my peers.

Ariel Levin

Founder of SOUL Marketing

Excellent training for anyone who’s open to shifting his or her mind and behaviors. I learned lots of new things, and it also reinforced things I knew but was neglecting. These are methods that can be implemented with ease.

Noa Yonish

Brand Manager at Maytronics

Very interesting and educational course. I implemented many of the tools, and they brought my productivity and efficiency way up. I’d recommend Bat Hen’s “Survival Kit for Working in the Digital Era” to anyone. Whether you’re an employee or an entrepreneur, after you take this workshop you’ll thank Bat Hen for it.

Ran Shavit

Head Of Content @ Jolt.io

Bat Hen is able to break complex ideas down into bite-size and practical takeaways. She always tied personal and interesting stories that add a lot of “flavor” to her workshops, and always patient to everyone’s questions and gives wonderful and practical answers.

Almog Italy

Partner at Maxi-Site

I was constantly struggling to prioritize my daily tasks and get more done each day. After the workshop with Bat Hen, it’s all become much easier. I’m more productive, more efficient, and get more done in the same amount of time. If you feel like you don’t have the time to spare for this workshop, then you need it! It offers practical tools to better manage your time and improve your long-term results.

Dana Zelitzki

VP Marketing @ Valens

Great, mind-opening, workshop that finally put me back in control of my time. Thanks to Bat Hen’s philosophy, guidance and ongoing advice, my team and I are now more focused & efficient, and always striving to maximize our creativity. Time well spent and I highly recommend it to everyone!  

Racheli Shuraty

Project Manager @ SolarEdge Technologies

“I highly recommend each organization, provide its employees this gift of time. Bat Hen’s workshop is so functional that even today, two years later, I still use her method, and thanks to her I have improved significantly my productivity. I know how to plan my days and weeks so I can reach each task with the right attention needed. Even on my time off, I am using the methods and gained so much! “

Yaniv Harpaz

Cloud Solutions Architecture Team Lead @ Oracle
“There is simply so much information flowing my way, requiring my attention and things I need to process / examine / understand / respond. Thankfully “Hime Your Time” helped me get better organized and when I look at my calendar it’s now so much easier to locate the most important things I need to be prepared for”

Gerardo Paredes

Head of Sales, Applaudo Studios

“ This course was some of the most practical knowledge I have ever received. Being in sales, time management is something I really struggle with, especially with clients grabbing chunks of my agenda without any notice. This course provided me with tools that immediately changed the way I work. Even if you already have a time management system of your own, you will find a lot of nuggets that will directly become of value for your productivity.”

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