Too many tasks and not enough time?

Give your employees a proven time-hacking method.

It’s guaranteed to decrease their stress and increase their efficiency.

Working with Bat Hen has been an absolute blessing!


With all her workflow insights, meshed with the discovery of new tools, my inbox is clear and my stress is at an all time low. 

Jason Campbell, Global Partnerships

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Why do so many people feel stressed and busy?

Life in the Information Era bombards us with content, knowledge, information and things we “must do NOW!” We have more productivity resources than ever, and yet we’re drowning in tasks and distractions. 

Now it is critical for us to learn how to hack time: to make technology manage the chaos, not create it. 

To take action that furthers our life goals, not distances them.

My name is Bat Hen. I’m a Time-Hacker on a mission to teach knowledge workers a holistic and humane approach to manage time, energy levels and create smart workflows so we can thrive and accomplish like never before.

Why being busy all the time means
not being productive all the time

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