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HIME: High Impact, Minimal Effort


Are you busy all day, and yet don’t accomplish what you want?

Do you feel like you live life in the grind, instead of in flow?

If so, then it’s time for a time-hacking, productivity-raising, peace-of-mind-increasing revolution.

Sunse from Tel-Aviv office

HIME is the key to hacking your personal 24 hours to schedule every task for the time when it will:

  • require the least amount of effort
  • produce the best results for you


HIME is a subjective term, unique to each and every one of us because we each have different spectra of energy levels and communication preferences throughout the day. 

So ask yourself – when is the easiest time for you in your day/week to:

  • Conduct F2F meetings? 
  • Conduct virtual meetings?
  • Craft presentations?
  • Quietly work on emails?
  • Crunch data? 
  • Exercise? 
  • Write content? 
  • Read content online? 
  • Read content offline, like books and magazines? 
  • Make phone calls?
  • Sit, think, or meditate?

When you HIME Your Time, you sync the things you need to get done with your personal optimal times for those tasks.

Obviously, we don’t live in utopia, and we must all align our schedules with others around us. 

It won’t work out 100% of the time, but any change in the  direction of 80% of your day being HIMED makes immediate, tangible results guaranteed.

The result?

A smart, personalized work day and work week that enables you to get your work done easier and faster with greater joy, flow and satisfaction.

Become a Time HIMEr

HIME Your Time training empowers each member of your team to design a schedule tailored to his or her unique needs. 

In addition, your team will become skilled users of other HIME Your Time time-hacking secrets, including:

  • super-efficient ways to organize your online calendar
  • optimizing your workflow via the latest web-tools, add-ons and apps
  • using procrastination as a tool to help you accomplish your goals


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