Two AI Tools for Faster Presentations

After trying out several AI tools that promise to make your presentations better, I have come to appreciate these two, for different use cases:

If you already have content that is ready to turn into slides – you can try out SlidesAI. I took one of my popular blog posts and within 2-3 min had it split into designed slides and ready for distribution. Most of the work I had left to do was repositioning the pictures and locations, but the text itself was properly in order, hands free.

Take a look here –  6 slides of “How to stay in shape with minimal effort”


If you need to make a presentation from scratch – then you can try out Gamma.
It’s an incredibly powerful tool that will create the content for you from a simple prompt,  together with a whole slides format, images and design – the whole “charade”.

Its main features are:
Full content creation from a single prompt
Full design + templates
Wide analytics tools such as: see who opened and viewed, see which slides they engaged with the most, where they spent time in your presentation and much more.

Keep in mind, you will still need to fact check the results, edit the content, resize and change pictures – so I wouldn’t drop your graphic designer so fast, but I would recommend to get acquainted with these tools.
Here’s a short tutorial:

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