3 Myths About Work that are No Longer True


This is a very harmful FIXED MINDSET belief and does not serve in achieving your life’s potential in today’s information era. You should aim to work smart, save your energy to focus on few things, make sure you invest in your relationships, health and mind. Otherwise, you will quickly get sick, tired and will not be of service to others.

This may have been true before 2009, but ever since the information era broke into our lives, it is within our reach to learn anything, meet with anyone, reach anywhere we want as it’s all in the reach of our fingertips.

So in this unique era when information is all around us all the time, a lot more than we need it or can consume it, then the right thing to do is think a lot more than act.

Think what exactly you want to learn or achieve, don’t go and execute so fast, do a lot more contemplating than operating.

If you focus on execution, you will very quickly tire yourself out.
Watch this video about my practices to daydreaming daily:



When things get tough, the best thing you can do for yourself is to LET GO. Let go of your keyboard, let go of the screen.

Go outside, change your environment, breathe, think, contemplate, try approaching the task on a different day and time.

The latest brain research shows that your frontal lobe, the one responsible for new ideas, insights and problem solving, lights up in optimal performance under one condition and that is when you simply daydream, and gaze into the horizon.

When you stop trying to think and solve and you simply let go, that is when your brain works in its full potential and capacity.

Letting go of the effort and searching for the path of least resistance to approach the task again, is the best move you can make; -not only for your mental and physical health but also for the completion of the task.

It may sound counter-intuitive to just “drop it”, but try it a few times, leave your desk, daydream and see what happens. For more about daydreaming practice and capturing tools, listen to my video here:


This will probably shock you as so many try to overcome their natural instinct to postpone, defer and procrastinate but in ancient Egypt, procrastination meant “waiting for the right time”.

It’s actually very beneficial to procrastinate, for the sake of being productive, as long as you manage your postponed tasks in a systemized way, so tasks don’t get lost.

The reason for that is that different tasks require different time-lines and resources and are most often dependent on other people’s actions. So most of your tasks can not be completed this day or this week and require more time for the components to come together so that you can then complete the task.

In my workshop I teach a well designed system to procrastinate on tasks and make sure everything is taken care for at the right time and place.

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