Leila Gharanis’ YouTube Channel: 365 Integrations

I’m thrilled to recommend Leila’s tutorials about 365 integrations of productivity tools such as Outlook-To-Do-Planner-Teams and Excel, PowerBI, and many more.

For example: Video #1:
How to Use Microsoft To Do With Outlook, Teams & Planner – YouTube



Video #2:
Power Automate is one of the most essential teachings for knowledge workers in the MS environment: how to get all our tools to connect thus save us precious time that we can then use for thinking, planning and creating:
Learn to Use Power Automate with Examples | Create Bulk PDF Files | Planner to Outlook – YouTube



Keep in mind that our most important skill is the ability to constantly consume new content and implement it in order to advance our career and personal life.

Therefore, watching a video here or there isn’t sufficient for a life-long learner, you’d want to take it up a notch.

Consider adding Leila’s channel to your Feedly Feed. Then, once a month or two you clean it up, keeping it nice and tight just like I recommend in my previous blog post “
Have you tried using Feedly”.

You can even automate your Feedly to connect to other tools on your digital eco-system, so you can sort through information quickly and consume only the essentials for you.

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