Did You Know that Being Efficient & Effective is Not the Same Thing?

Peter Drucker Quote

As the author, Peter Drucker wisely describes, there is quite a big difference between working efficiently and effectively. We want and need to be both at any given moment.

Let’s explain the difference using HIME Your TIME terms:

If working effectively is doing the right things, it means we have to put a good 30-60 min daily into prioritizing our tasks, sometimes in start-up, you have to check on your priorities 3 times a day as the reality is so dynamic that a company can pivot in any given moment.

It also means we have to do our HIME homework and know exactly when to act on those prioritized tasks, so they can match our own energy level and communication preferences, and only then, can we get many tasks done per day without feeling deflated.

Now, working efficiently is doing things right, meaning being 100% present at any given moment, being mindful and focused, like when you use some white noise sounds for that purpose, read more about the sounds I use.

Being mindful means, for example, that when you write an email and the phone rings, you don’t talk while writing, you turn your back to the screen or you get up and walk while you talk, giving your full attention to the caller, otherwise, you are at great risk of sending that email with errors, to the wrong recipient, forget to attach a doc and now a 2nd email is on its way to correct the first.

While in meetings, for example, being 100% present means no phones in meeting rooms, no one checking emails or slacks during, head’s up, eyes open (just like old days, remember?), focusing on the content of the meeting and ending it real fast so everyone can rejoice with their phones once again.

Bat Chen - Meeting

An average of 20 min is what it takes for people to become really anxious about being away from their phones and that’s about the time it will take to end that meeting.

So as you can see, our work is to be both effective and efficient at any given moment.

Look at how much attention we have to put into the way we work before we can see the results of getting more done in less time.

But it’s fun to do, so go ahead and be 100% present at any given moment, HIME and prioritize like a ninja 2-3 times a day.

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