Product Review on Skeema – An Advanced Tab Clipper and Bookmarker

After trying out several tab-organizing tools, I have come to appreciate and stick with  Skeema. It acts as a “home base” for browser-based work allowing you to easily aggregate, organize, prioritize, annotate and act on information. The way I organize my tabs: Skeema’s Main Features: Click to watch a full product review but please don’t […]

The 12 Forces Working Against Us & Stealing Our Attention

I think this is one of Oprah’s best conversations (and there are many). Oprah speaks with Johann Hari, the author of “Stolen Focus: Why You Can’t Pay Attention and How to Think Deeply Again”. Hari explains the technological and social forces working on our society today, preventing us and our children from being able to […]

Get ChatGPT Straight to Your WhatsApp

Click here to download the AI tool ChatGPT straight to your WhatsApp. This way, you won’t need to go to your browser and you can “speak” to the AI with the comfort of your mobile. This does not mean that I in person am a big fan on the tool. AI can be extremely harmful, […]

Two AI Tools for Faster Presentations

After trying out several AI tools that promise to make your presentations better, I have come to appreciate these two, for different use cases: If you already have content that is ready to turn into slides – you can try out SlidesAI. I took one of my popular blog posts and within 2-3 min […]

Leila Gharanis’ YouTube Channel: 365 Integrations

I’m thrilled to recommend Leila’s tutorials about 365 integrations of productivity tools such as Outlook-To-Do-Planner-Teams and Excel, PowerBI, and many more. For example: Video #1:How to Use Microsoft To Do With Outlook, Teams & Planner – YouTube Video #2:Power Automate is one of the most essential teachings for knowledge workers in the MS environment: how […]

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