Product Review on Skeema – An Advanced Tab Clipper and Bookmarker


After trying out several tab-organizing tools, I have come to appreciate and stick with  Skeema. It acts as a “home base” for browser-based work allowing you to easily aggregate, organize, prioritize, annotate and act on information. The way I organize my tabs: I PIN my work tabs, the ones I use on an everyday basis […]

The 12 Forces Working Against Us & Stealing Our Attention

I think this is one of Oprah’s best conversations (and there are many). Oprah speaks with Johann Hari, the author of “Stolen Focus: Why You Can’t Pay Attention and How to Think Deeply Again”. Hari explains the technological and social forces working on our society today, preventing us and our children from being able to […]

Two AI Tools for Faster Presentations

After trying out several AI tools that promise to make your presentations better, I have come to appreciate these two, for different use cases: If you already have content that is ready to turn into slides – you can try out SlidesAI. I took one of my popular blog posts and within 2-3 min […]

Leila Gharanis’ YouTube Channel: 365 Integrations

I’m thrilled to recommend Leila’s tutorials about 365 integrations of productivity tools such as Outlook-To-Do-Planner-Teams and Excel, PowerBI, and many more. For example: Video #1:How to Use Microsoft To Do With Outlook, Teams & Planner – YouTube     Video #2:Power Automate is one of the most essential teachings for knowledge workers in the MS […]

Here Are Two Questions I am Most Often Asked

Two Questions I am Most Often Asked

Question #1: “One of my team members works 24/7 , this makes me look bad, I can’t and don’t want to be available the same way” You are right to think that. Research shows that employees taking more vacation days, actually get faster promotions and better salary ! Isn’t that great news? The research explains […]

7 Add-Ons for Your Browser

My current Add-On Tool Bar Add-Ons are extremely helpful with saving time & energy but they can also sometimes technically interfere, so its good to make sure, every now and then, to remove and leave only the ones that are really useful to your dynamic professional needs. It’s a huge world of options, here are […]

Daydreaming daily is guaranteed to turn you into a productivity ninja

Daydream & Gaze

The simple activity of daydreaming daily will turn you into a productivity ninja (!) How is that possible, you may ask? Watch me explain it in this video This is one of many reasons why I advise individuals & companies to go down to a 4 day workweek. If you can leverage daydreaming into action […]

3 Sounds You Might Want To Try

Sounds have been proven to enable deep work. Whether on speakers or via headphone, they are your personal assistance for focus and clarity. When you tap into the right sound for you, it’s your super-tool to get lots of tasks done, with minimal effort just like HIME. I work with sounds wither on my speakers […]

Padlet – A Digital Pin Board
with Magnificent UX/I

Padlet is a digital pin board to which you can pin any type of media: plain text, images, links, Excel, PDF, – you name it, you can pin it. You can either upload the content yourself or use the extension to pin media on-line from your browser. Why would you need it? Great to use […]

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