Here Are Two Questions I am Most Often Asked

Two Questions I am Most Often Asked

Question #1: “One of my team members works 24/7 , this makes me look bad, I can’t and don’t want to be available the same way” You are right to think that. Research shows that employees taking more vacation days, actually get faster promotions and better salary ! Isn’t that great news? The research explains […]

7 Add-Ons for Your Browser

My current Add-On Tool Bar Add-Ons are extremely helpful with saving time & energy but they can also sometimes technically interfere, so its good to make sure, every now and then, to remove and leave only the ones that are really useful to your dynamic professional needs. It’s a huge world of options, here are […]

Daydreaming daily is guaranteed to turn you into a productivity ninja

Daydream & Gaze

The simple activity of daydreaming daily will turn you into a productivity ninja (!) How is that possible, you may ask? Watch me explain it in this video This is one of many reasons why I advise individuals & companies to go down to a 4 day workweek. If you can leverage daydreaming into action […]

3 Sounds You Might Want To Try

Sounds have been proven to enable deep work. Whether on speakers or via headphone, they are your personal assistance for focus and clarity. When you tap into the right sound for you, it’s your super-tool to get lots of tasks done, with minimal effort just like HIME. I work with sounds wither on my speakers […]

Padlet – A Digital Pin Board
with Magnificent UX/I

Padlet is a digital pin board to which you can pin any type of media: plain text, images, links, Excel, PDF, – you name it, you can pin it. You can either upload the content yourself or use the extension to pin media on-line from your browser. Why would you need it? Great to use […]

Have You Tried Using Feedly?
Here’s How I Use This Great Web Tool

Feedly works via RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds. RSS means it follows up on updates done on a certain web page. Here’s a breathtaking and heartbreaking movie about the young developer who came up with RSS feeds.   Feedly: what is it good for? Follow up on competitors’ webpages – see changes they make but […]

The Eisenhour Matrix Done Right

The Eisenhour Matrix Done Right

Many knowledge workers are fully familiar with the “Eisenhour Matrix”  but how many actually use it in their day-2day? Maybe it’s because there’s a difference between understanding a concept in its basic level to actually implementing it in our day-2day. In this 8min video I explain the easiest way to put the matrix into action […]

Probably the Best CEO in the World

I’m so happy this day has come, the day in which I hear a CEO of 800 employees say to me things like: ”Can you make sure they stop that horrible habit of working at night or over weekends?” “Can you help them work smoother without so much stress?” “We grow really fast but it […]

Did You Know that Being Efficient & Effective is Not the Same Thing?

Peter Drucker Quote

As the author, Peter Drucker wisely describes, there is quite a big difference between working efficiently and effectively. We want and need to be both at any given moment. Let’s explain the difference using HIME Your TIME terms: If working effectively is doing the right things, it means we have to put a good 30-60 […]

3 Myths About Work that are No Longer True

1.”YOU MUST WORK HARD TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS”. This is a very harmful FIXED MINDSET belief and does not serve in achieving your life’s potential in today’s information era. You should aim to work smart, save your energy to focus on few things, make sure you invest in your relationships, health and mind. Otherwise, you will […]

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